Our responsibility as Artists :

fell asleep infront of the canvas, again.

Our responsibility as Artists, is to constantly be engaged in ‘becoming’; becoming the fullest, most creative expression of ourselves that we are capable of at the time.  It is also our responsibility as Artists, to bring to light our unique visions and creations.  If one neglects an idea or insight, it is lost to the universe for all time, left in a purgatory of unexpressed emotions, like lost love, missed opportunities. Like a song or melody in your waking state, the one you swore was too special to forget, so it didn’t get recorded, only to drift away like wisps of smoke, never to be heard from or recalled again.  That my friends is a sadness beyond all words.  Capture it, record it, scribble it down, preserve it somehow, like a film, develop it later into what it was meant to be.  That moment is unique to You, and Only You have that unique opportunity to draw it out of the shadows of obscurity and bring light to its meaning.  Think if Mucha or D’annunzio, or any Artist were ‘too busy’ to pick up a pen and pursue their Muse.  Their unique vision would be lost for all, and for all time.  Your vision is no less important than theirs.  Don’t let it slip away.  So go!.. fill all those notebooks, voice recorders, camera cards, sketch-pads and canvas’ with fragments, hints and glimpses, that’s all we get.  We don’t lift the Veil of ISIS, it either reveals itself to us, or we imagine just what’s behind it.   I only say this not to preach, but to say, I know,.. I understand.  I worked 80 +hrs. /week to survive, but made sure whatever time I could spare each day, I would, somehow do something creative.  Sometimes I would literally fall asleep painting in front of my canvas, my girlfriend would get me to bed.  We would laugh at all the dropped brush marks on the canvas and think of ways to turn them into something…. So I get it.  It may take time, years in fact, and it has, but our responsibility to the Universe,  our Muse, and each other is to engage this state of  ‘becoming’ and make something out of thin air and ideas that didn’t exist before.   The paintings you see of mine, are on 6′ x 4′ canvas’ and were ‘recorded’ an hour /night at a time.  Entire years of effort and persistance is recorded in them.  I can look at each square inch and recall the time in front of it.  It was for no other purpose than to even the score a bit; to take back some of my time from the outside demands.  The time in front of the canvas, with music, and a glass of cheap wine was nobody’s time but mine.  One of the few places I could be free. That’s all.  Art for Art sake.  For years no one but friends & relatives saw my work.  It is also now my responsibility to share it with you.  Art  not viewed is like a song unheard.  So enjoy,  share, may you glean some small inspiration from it at least in the fact that it ‘IS’, and is not lost, as I as well, could have been.  There is our proof.  If we commit to, and engage this process of  ‘Becoming’ we will assuredly be more today than we were yesterday, and even better still tomorrow…So Cheers!. .  .  stay inspired my friends

Feel free : http://www.blurb.com/books/2922928  (yeah I know it’s a bit pricey, but it (ain’t no) coloring or cook book.  Really though, it cost a bit to make, and it’s just retail math.  It’s a Ltd. ed. Artist proof run.  (Aka  re-coop run)  I will have a different version out in Sept. for under 25 clams everywhere.  cards/prints/posters available at RedBubble/QRhea.  I’m an Artist not a salesperson.  ciao.


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