We are in the midst of a Artist, media marketing re-evolution…

The creative vision for this site is to have a commUnity of ‘friends’ that are all talented Artists. I envision a co-operative type model wherein Artists network, collaborate, barter for services and expertise. It is to be a supportive place where Artists are encouraged and challenged to complete new projects, protect their work, be legally self-sufficient, control their own destiny. I have self published books and Music. It is important to me that Artist own the rights to their own work, and get full rewards for their efforts, without a percentage going to business marketeers. We are in the midst of an Artist, media marketing, self publishing re-evolution, the old model is obsolete, and the new model is build from the ground up by the Artists themselves. It is important that Artists eventually make a living from their craft as soon as possible. You don’t have to sell millions, or sell out any more. By keeping costs down, and margins high, the Artist is able to reach their audience and retain all the proceeds of any sales. A final point is that Success is passed on to other Artists in the form of advice, and support, as well as charitable endeavors with organizations that make a positive change in the community. If you are an Artist, please feel free to friend and post anything with this caveat: it must be Art related. We will build this commUnity, and it will be successful, one Artist at a time.
Stay inspired my friends….


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