Nati creare, ego creo; ergo sum

Born to Create, we Create; therefore we Are.

One of the most Sacred things we can do as Human Beings is to Create. It is what elevates us out of our work-a-day existence. Creating is at the core of the Universe, Nature and Biology. I can not imagine a world where I am not creating something. People often say they are waiting for inspiration to strike. You have to strike inspiration!  Like a flint you must strike against different things. You have to be inspiring to be inspired. (Luke,… be the force)

Really though, often I am asked where I find inspiration. I answer:  I find it everywhere, anywhere, at any and all times. We have to be open to it and ready for it. Often this means getting out of our comfort zone or routine to learn something new and glean a new insight. A half conscious melody in your head can be the seed of a Symphony. Some half-thought feeling put into words can be a Poem.

It is easy to be discouraged and to procrastinate, that’s where society wants you to be, forever diverted into filling that void with consumer goods and media; but that’s not your true nature, your true nature is more creative than that.  It is a fight, a daily fight to reclaim a right to some small part of our day for ourselves and the things we enjoy.  For a decade I  worked over 80 hours/ week and would struggle to find some personal time.  So even painting just an hour/ day would be all I could do to reclaim some time that was mine.  Paintings took years to complete, but this time was vital .  We are not meant to work all our time for others, we must work for ourselves.  We are the Dreamers of Dreams and the Architects of Art.  Your soul knows when you are not in line with it’s core beliefs.  I would fight it, saying it is survival, the right thing to do, and at the same time wondering why so many other people didn’t have to work so hard, or why they didn’t seem so worried.  I still don’t know the answer, but I knew something had to change, and drastically, and soon…

I have eliminated the most dangerous, unhealthy, distracting and frustrating elements of modern life from my own life, to make room for Creativity to flourish.  This was no small feat, mind you, and I understand why so many don’t change.  It is easier to just stay in a rut than to change.  Call it Inertia, but it works both ways.  I knew once I had the momentum and progress behind me I would take off and not look back.

I quit driving a car a few months before the BP oil environmental disaster, and then I was just so disgusted I couldn’t go back.  I call it my Petroleum Boycott.  I take the bus, hike, or bike everywhere. Try it for 1 week, you will be amazed at how much time you will have to just read a book when you are not being constantly assailed by traffic and distractions. This one change in habit has had a profound impact on things.

First of all 90% of stress has been removed immediately. That is bound to be a positive impact on long-term health. Secondly, financially it is a major savings. Gas is at $4 / gal. If they say your car gets 30 MPG highway, well we do most of our driving in-town in stop-and-go traffic, waiting at lights, idling and keeping the AC running. We may get 5-8 MPG. At one point I was spending more on gas than food; that’s just wrong. So I stopped driving nearly 2 years ago and I estimate I have saved at a minimum $12,000. That’s a lot of Art supplies, books, food, clothes, and whatever else, not to mention the environmental benefits of not burning petroleum.

So get outside that routine, get yourselves a weekly or monthly bus pass & give it a shot. You will be amazed with the benefits, which brings us back to Creating. The flip side of Creating means you are not busy destroying, as most of civilization is.

Look at it as a Personal Philosophy, a Credo, to do only good in the World, and before long these new habits will become the new healthy routine, and you will bask in their benefits such as : minimal stress, maximum health, emotional well-being, more time for what you love, a healthy guilt-free conscious, and all the good things that come with them.

Creating is at the very core of who we are as a people. They have tried to alienate us, and make us into destructive, frustrated, stressed-out consumers. It is our responsibility to ourselves, each other, the Environment, and the Future, to FIGHT BACK, and TAKE BACK our God-given RIGHTS to Create, and to Create a Healthy World. There is no heart without Art! go forth & Create positive change!


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