‘The creative process in the Individual’ a book by Thomas Troward (1910)

mixed media composition by Quinten RheaThis book is over 100 years old, published by Dodd, Mead & Company New York.  I am re-reading this book , even 100 years later these words are relative.  It is one of those thought affirming books, by an Author that puts into words those thoughts and feelings you may have had at some time, and does it eloquently and with depth and breadth that almost requires re-reading.   I mean this as a compliment.  He conveys concepts that I would have great difficulty with trying to put into words, but once you read his writing it is an immediate connection, and a recognition of eternal truths that we’ve felt and perhaps subconsciously contemplated to some degree.  With chapter titles that include : ‘The self contemplation of Spirit’, ‘The Manifestation of the Life principle’, ‘The Divine offering’, it is evident that the Author has had these experiences and conveys them in a manner that is easy to comprehend.  He delves into the what he calls ‘The Universal Creative Principle’ and ‘The Universal Mind and Spirit’ that as Artists, we are all connected to, and by extension, connected to each other.    The core of creation and all matter is this relentless energy, that can neither be created nor destroyed, only altered in form.  This is a Law of Physics.  I wrote a short piece years ago that is in my book : ” Matter and Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, only altered in form; I am ME, destined to be”.  This is a good example of two people worlds apart and century between, have these same thoughts because they are Eternal Truths, or as in Physics, Laws.  Unchanging, and relative throughout the universe and for all time.  This constant energy, a wave, is what we tap into as Artists, we don’t seek permanence but we try to leave a snapshot of our inspiration as a testimony for others for all time.  We ride this wave, we constantly take in ideas, seeking concepts and inspiration, we assimilate them, forge them into some cohesive vision we feel is important and by adding action to ideas we create something Ex nihil.  It is in the pursuit of this endeavor that we grow, learn, and remain constantly engaged in the action of  ‘Becoming’.  It is a process without end, and up to any point we are the fullest expression of our unique selves; we are always at the front of the wave.  We are always becoming what we are meant to be.  We are constantly growing ever-wiser, ever-stronger, ever more compassionate and creative.

For what it is worth, if you took the time to read this, Thank You.  You always have a friend here.  Cheers.


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