Saint Cecilia day / November 22 Celebrate Art, Music & Poetry…

November 22nd is Saint Cecilia day or Saint Cecilia feast day.  This year it falls on Thanksgiving Thursday.  It is a good time to celebrate Art, Music, Poetry and of course family and friends, all that makes life special.

Last Year I celebrated Saint Cecilia day with a theatre event I produced based on years of my Art, Poetry and Music.  I rented a theatre, invited friends to a free theatre experience of the Arts.  I can’t explain where everything came from, but things definitely had a continuity and seemed to evolve into the perfect form.   There is this undefinable magick that was involved in everything taking form.  Each Painting inspired its own Poetry, which was performed over instrumental compositions.  There is something really special about all three art forms coming together.   Each one elevated the others and transcend into something more than the sum of its parts.   Most folks are out-of-town for the holidays and I couldn’t find a Theatre open, so I will be finding a later date to hold the event after the holidays.  I have more Art to add to the show.  (I need to film it again since the original event footage was stolen from me by someone who wanted to profit off my talent, hard work and inspiration.  It made me literally ill that someone would be so deceitful and hurtful)

I am an Artist.  I will go on creating Art because it is the very fabric of who I am.  Folks ask where my inspiration comes from.  I answer ‘ it can come from anywhere’.  I get inspiration  from other Artists, from Reading books, even from things that disappoint me or make me angry.  As Artists we don’t sit around waiting for inspiration to strike.  We must strike against things ourselves and look for sparks of inspiration.  I am always learning and taking a class in something.  That is a direct way to get out of a rut and start doing something new and creative.

As Artists, it is the need to create that drives us.   Each art form has its own inspiration and rewards.  Writing, Painting, Sculpting, Fabricating, Making are all part of a drive to create and be creative.   So whatever it is you do, do it well and perhaps try something new.  On this Saint Cecilia day and Thanksgiving day celebrate Art, Music, Poetry, family and friends, and of course good food.  Give thanks for everything, and give thanks that you are creative.  Take care & stay inspired!   {” Saint Cecilia day : Art & Poetry of Quinten Rhea”    —>free book preview  :  {  (c)2012 QRhea /s.a.d  }


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