the Color and Music of the Spheres

Rhea Artlogo1Alright this will take a few posts to show and explain exactly where I’m going with this idea, but if you dig spontaneous Creativity you’ll like this… start with this image.  In other paintings like ‘Evening Airs’ / ‘Cecilia in repose’  ??????????????????????????????????? I have attempted to make Art do what it should: grasp at some concept, some truth beyond language.  I attempted to explore Music of the Spheres through Colors of the Prism.  Think of this: ROYGBIV = 7 Colors.  ABCDEFG = 7 notes (octave being the 8th repeats the 1st note but at 2x the wavelengths freq.)  So Pythagorean Mathematics is at the core of our physical world of laws.  In the painting Cecilia naked looking at a different source of inspiration for creativity.  Instead of the outward, upward, at the eternal, she is looking Inward, downward, at the temporal.  The Colors are Planets swirling about her and each contributes to and is part of the other.  (There are officially 8 planets in our Solar system…interesting huh? )

We’ve all been taught the ROYGBIV rainbow prism of colors and the ‘Color Wheel‘.  I don’t see color as linear or two dimensional, I see it more as a Color Doughnut or DNA where it is all connected and Violet progresses back into Red.   This image I found comes close visually (I couldn’t find Art credits for it, so if you know it please tell me & I’ll add it in)  aurvic Recently there have been a high level of Solar winds in our atmosphere coincidentally, so I came up with the Idea and title of ‘Aurora Ouroborus’.   The interesting thing is it also ties in like magick to my Kundalini and Artist Logo, they both have snakes and Color.  I will attempt to paint the vision.  This painting in the photo below  is a start.  I will post other photos so you can see in image, what I am attempting to say in words. …Image


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