Thank you ‘Writing on the Air’. I am honored.

     I would like to thank Writing on the Air for inviting me to be a part of their Literary collective.  I am honored and excited to be a part of this Creative Literary Art group, and  I am looking forward to Producing and Hosting monthly Radio shows for their award-winning Radio Show, ‘Writing on the Air’.
  “The Writing on the Air Collective produces ‘Writing on the Air’ in order to promote the art of writing and creativity, and to provide information to Austin’s community of readers, writers and creatives. The show has featured interviews and readings with award-winning, as well as up-and-coming, novelists, journalists, biographers, poets, essayists, folklorists, songwriters, freelancers, cookbook authors, historians, illustrators, screenwriters, playwrights, humorists, philosophers, and creative spirits who can help us summons our muse. In the past year, the format of the show has expanded to include radio plays and coverage of book-related events in the Austin community.”  {excerpt from KOOP Radio: }  

     Our Mission is to engage the Creative community and offer them Media exposure on a Radio Platform to discuss their work and insights and share it with the world.  I am always in search of Creative people and organizations that are working in the Literary fields, this can also include Music Film and the Arts.  If you know of people and organizations like this please inform me of them or have them contact me and I will do my best to see what we can do to feature them on the Radio show ‘Writing on the Air’.

Here is a photo and article of recent  ‘Writing on the Air’ guests: Samira R. Noorali & Gary Graves.

'Writing on the Air'

Special ‘Writing on the Air’ guests : Samira R. Noorali & Gary Graves.

Read more about these guests and more at ~

City Lights Books (SF)

City Lights Book Store (SF) Photo: Wiki CC

First Project :

     My first project for ‘Writing on the Air’ is a Radio show in recognition of City Lights Book Store (SF) and their 60th Anniversary.  The idea just came to me and I wanted the community to get involved, kind of like everyone signing a collective community Birthday card honoring this beacon for Literary Luminaries and the important historical space they continue to contribute to and grow.  BookSmith and friends are putting together a special show for KOOP Radio with Interviews, a bit of history, and Special guests reading some Beat era Poetry from the early years of City Lights BookStore (SF).
      Here is how you can join in :
Find a Poem or short literary piece from any beat era 
Writers/Poets, and especially the Women ‘Beat’ Writers, and their
contemporaries. There is a vast amount of material to choose from:

Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Charles Bukowski, Alan Ginsberg, Philip Glenn

Whalen, Michael McClure, Gary Snyder, John Clellon Holmes, Philip Lamantia,
Kenneth Patchen, Darryl Allen Levy.
Women ‘Beat era’ Writers: Diane di Prima, Joanne Kyger, Ruth Weiss, Hettie
Jones, Harriet Sohmers, Elise Nada Cowen.
It is simple:
~ Find something you like.
~ Record it at your leisure on any Audio device, I phones, laptops,&tc
We ask that the background is quiet.
(record your name and the piece you will be reading at
the beginning of the session and if possible add a brief critique as to why you
like it)

~ Send/share it to  { Subject : ‘City Lights!’}

That’s it, it’s that easy!

~ Pat yourself on the back for promoting Literature and CommUnity.
Feel free to invite CommUnity members to help celebrate the 60th Birthday
of City Lights Book Store, as well as some of the amazing
Literature it is a part of.
We are looking at a mid-late August airing on KOOP, so get busy reading!
Read on ! Write on! Right On!

your Booksmith!Image

I am also producing a future ‘Writing on the Air‘ installment that will feature LouJon Press and ‘The Outsider‘.I recently found a surviving copy of ‘The Outsider 4/5’  with the original hand-pressed fiber cover (complete with Coffee stain), pressed Flower from Geronimo’s grave, and ‘Moon dog’ screen intact. moondog There were only 500 hand-printed copies of ‘The Outsider 4/5 ‘ ever made.  I am never selling it.  I wonder how many are extant.  I am enamored of the LouJon Press.  This is that passion I speak of, and respond to.  When Artists proceed at all cost, through all set backs, and over all obstacles to bring their Art and Vision to fruition; it is a Beautiful thing!  It hits me right in the heart and throat.  Perhaps because I can relate to the creative drive and know well that feeling, that deep well of despair, and the crucible and forge from which all meaningful art is wrought and brought forward at all cost, It is the price we pay, but wouldn’t have it any other way.   It’s what we do.  Nos creare, ideo sumus.  We Create; therefore we are. 

Stay inspired everyone! Whatever your passion is, your mission is to pursue it, nurture it, and bring it to life…at all cost!

LouJon Press ‘The Outsider 4/5’

Quinten Rhea
A.k.a: ‘Booksmith’Member of the Literary collective : ‘Writing on the Air’

I will also be producing a show on MonoFonus Press in Austin Texas.  I first came across them on a 2nd hand album I bought of an Austin band I dig called the Roller.  I had never seen this album before and for good reason, it is a specially produced limited edition.  You see, Monofonus Press does this beautiful thing where they collaborate Musicians, Writers and Visual Artists into one cohesive Creative endeavor.  This one was about the Migratory patterns of Birds.  This is the The Creativity we must engage and support.   In some small way if my show contributes to the benefit of Artists and the Art.  I have served my purpose and my Creative community well.

Stay inspired my friends!!


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