A thing of Beauty…


Lacy Rose reading Poetry and sharing her beautifully haunting and emotive Music at KOOP Radio. Austin Texas.

One of The Most Beautifully Creative Woman in the UniverseLacy Rose stopped by the Radio station and read some Poetry for an upcoming show, then talked about the Beautifully Haunting and Emotive Music she creates, and the Inspiration {& dedication} that goes into everything she does.  It is uncanny the things in common, she understood my desire to make and learn to play a Viola D’Amour, we had such a good time talking about Greek Mythology, Lunar Inspiration, Graveyards, Books, Artists, reading Poetry, Creating from that unknowable source that Artists divine and channel.  It was like Pure Oxygen to be in the company of someone who not only gets it, and understands it, …but studies it,… teaches it, …and lives for it.   She shared some of her Musical Creations and compositions inspired by the Romance of Endymion and Selene, the three-Penny Opers, Klimt, Poe, Drakula and Desdemona.   Yes I listen to Lyrics, I hang on every word, and drink in the meaning…..I am in absolute Awe!    It is rare, … as it should be;  but those moments when we come across Art that moves us in such a way…  it’s like the very center of our being is drawn taunt as a bow, from our mind to our toes.  And the Art: the Music, the Melody, the Meaning all combine in a divine firestorm of emotions.  Words,… the lyrics are set ablaze by the Voice…Yes! that ..voice.  Lacy’s voice… it rushes into the soul like wind-driven rain through windows thrown wide open, to quench the parched mind… and stirring,… vibrating,… & resonating that taunt bow inside our soul as an Aeolian Harp for her ever breath to stir.  It gives us chills, our throat tightens, … we can not breath, … our eyes well up from inside.  This,…This, is the Art,… these are the Artists and people and Moments we Live for.


Blog about ‘Ghost Music’ ~> http://wp.me/p2cmwX-i1

It will be aired on 12/23/2013 on KOOP.org. If you Love the Art of beautifully Emotive Music, You must listen to, and support the Artistic efforts of Lacy Rose.  As well, you should turn your friends on to her, they will thank you immensely.

Lacy Reading Poetry ~> http://youtu.be/Ir6_PWUnEGk
Speaking of supporting the Artistic efforts of Artists, take a look at the beautiful neck-piece Lacy is wearing.  It is by ShalottLilly, a beautifully creative Artist and Jewelry designer in the Austin area.  Look at her work and order pieces from her, they are unique , One~of~a~Kind works of Art, just like you, and the Person that created it.  https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Shalottlilly/139807909382822
{here is a neat story }:  When I met Lacy I complimented her on her necklace, I thought I recognized the beautiful style, and when she told me it was ShalottLilly, I just knew it.  It turns out that they are friends.  What’s more ADrian from ShalottLilly had, just a week prior saw a photo of a piece of Jewelry I made and had been so kind in complimenting  my work,…{such as it is.}  She wanted ‘my Late Summer Rose Brooch’ …soI promised it to her… as soon as I put the finishing touches on it.   I want it to be perfect.   I create because it is a mad passion of mine, I can live no other way, nor would want to.
So while I know not what strange magickal or coincidental things are aloft that brought the threads of Three Artists together.
I do know this: I am enamoured and honoured.

These Artists create things of time less beauty,….

and that is a Joy~ Forever!

Stay inspired! Create some Magick!

Here is a link to a blog on the Album by Lacy Rose titled ‘Ghost Music’ ~> http://wp.me/p2cmwX-i1

and Lacy reading some Poetry ~> http://youtu.be/Ir6_PWUnEGk

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