Ego Creare; Ergo Sum…

I Create; therefore I am.

There is no ‘ego’ involved in anything I do.  In fact I am averse to ‘Ego’ and I find it mostly to be the symptom of some insecurity.  I am driven by Pleasure and Creativity, not ego. I have no desire to impress anyone and I don’t particularly care if anyone likes my Artwork.  I know that there are those that don’t give recognition, acknowledgement or pay compliments to others.  I don’t  care. This is genuine Art for Art sake, but as an Artist  I feel it is part of our responsibility to actively seek out other Artists, compliment their work, encourage them and help promote them.  There are no feelings of competitiveness or envy among true Artists.  We genuinely love the Arts and those who contribute to it in their own way.  Art is part of who we are, Creating is at the center of our being, sharing is what we do.

If you know me, you know I how much I dig Art, Creating things, Learning and experimenting.  Here are a few pieces I made recently.

'Pyrimid of Luna, Venus and Mars'  by Quinten Rhea

‘pyramid of Luna, Venus and Mars’ by Quinten Rhea

The ‘ Pyramid, Moon, Venus and Mars Love Triangle ‘ is a wip of enamel on Copper, it will have Silver flake for stars.  I am creating a lot of my designs w/ enameling.


‘Mating Humpback Whale brooch’ :

Mating Humpback Whale brooch.

This Whale brooch is one of those happy accidents that occur in Art.  It is uncanny how it looks like a Whale in every detail and proportion, when it is the result of a random piece of a Juniper branch that collapsed in casting.  When I set the branch in investment, I put it back in the vacuum chamber.  I didn’t know until after casting it that everything collapsed, and this beautiful shape emerged.. {complete w/ anatomical appendages.}   I added the tail.   I was going to enamel it but as well didn’t want to cover up the beauty of the naked Metal so I compromised and used metallic blue printing ink and sanded off the top layers to represent water.  It’s not quite done yet, I have to clean up the tail section I added and texture it.

As an Artist, a Human being, I am in complete awe of the Natural world and have a deep respect for all life, down to even the most smallest of creatures.  I may seem to be a big intimidating guy, but literally couldn’t hurt a fly.  In fact I recently found a live cicada in an abandoned spider web by the pool. it was exhausting itself trying to get free.  I really wanted to cast one in Metal, but I what would be the point of freeing it just to make it suffer more?  So I patiently removed all the webs and set it free.  It may seem silly, or pointless.  But the fact is I have such a profound feeling for all life, it has always been that way, and I think it is part of what gives me the Heart of an Artist.


My Late Summer Rose brooch:

'My Late Summer Rose Brooch' by Quinten Rhea

‘My Late Summer Rose Brooch’ by Quinten Rhea

It is nearly done.  My new friend Adrian really liked it and wanted it, and I wanted it to be perfect for her.  She was gracious enough to compliment my Art+Work and encourage me, as I mentioned true Artists do.  This simple act of kindness can have such a great impact on an Artist.  We work on our Art alone, we put a lot of time into our craft.  Getting positive feedback from others encourages us, even though we make Art for its own sake, it is good to hear someone likes what you do.  You really should check out her amazing creations and order from her personally  ADrian of ShalottLilly Jewelry. Support her efforts and order some of her amazing one-of-a-kind designs….{      } you’ll be glad you did.

I felt the Rose brooch needed some subtle greens and Silvers to contrast w/ the fire-red/orange and Copper.  Structurally I felt it needed more height & weight in the background to balance the composition, so after experimenting with shapes, I made some White-Bronze accents to compliment it w/ a natural oxidized patina.  I thought of enameling parts of it, but refrained because I didn’t want the rich colors to compete with, or overshadow the natural beauty of the naked Metals.  All that’s left to do is Flame treat the Rose to get those amazing metallic-interference colors back into the pedals.  If you look closely you can see impressions of my Fingerprints in the metal leaves from the wax castings.

I had this idea of making a detailed display background for the brooches where they all can attach to.  The display will hold the various brooches and itself be a work of art.  {So many ideas so little time…}

Brooches by Quinten Rhea

Brooches by Quinten Rhea

I put a lot of time, thought and effort into almost all of my Artwork  because I feel the labor and attention to detail reflect the level of care I have for each piece, and I want that to come through when someone views it.  I can respect any piece of artwork if I see the Artist has put time, thought and effort into creating it.  I’d rather make one stunning piece with meaning, than several mediocre pieces with no depth or meaning.

There definitely is a point where anything less is incomplete, and anything more is too much.  When I reach that point I know it immediately and I feel I am done working on it.  They say the Art is never complete until it is shared with others,… well, there you are. Feel free to comment & critique.

  Stay inspired my friends!

~Now go Create some Magick!~








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