Ghost Music… A year and a Day..

A year and a day ago,  on October 11th 2012, an amazing piece of Musical Art was released in to the world.

All images property of their respective Artists, photographers and copyright holders. See Album inset for details.

‘Ghost Music’ by Lacy Rose

The Album ‘Ghost Music‘ by the Artist Lacy Rose is one of the most compelling emotive and stirring creations I have ever heard.  If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of discovering this hauntingly beautiful Music, do yourselves a favor, take some time out to listen to the songs and then pay to download them from the Lacy Rose site so you can have your own copy with you wherever you go.  Tell your friends to do the same, they will thank you.  Also, when you get the chance to see a Lacy Rose performance, you must!  You will be moved to the core, as am I.   As Artists we are driven by what engages us, inspires us and moves us artistically.  It is our responsibility and pleasure to discover and support these Artistic talents every chance we get.

And here’s your chance ~> :

{Supporting Artists allows them to focus on their Art without compromise and to continue to bring forth amazing creations.}

Lacy Rose Fall flyer

The first time I came across the music of Lacy Rose was when I saw a flyer in the ACC Library that  was for an event of Original Music inspired by the Stories of Edgar Allen Poe written and performed by Lacy Rose.  Being a huge Poe fan and a Lover of Art & Music Theatre; I was intrigued to say the least, and excited.  Unfortunately I was unable to make it.  This was over a year ago.  When you get the chance to see a Lacy Rose performance Live, jump at it.  You will be moved.  Without overstatement; this Musical creation by Lacy Rose called ‘Ghost Music’ is arguably the most important Music to be composed recently and will stand so for all time.

I have been enamoured with this CD for some time.  It is engaging, deeply compelling, emotive, Artfully moving, hauntingly beautiful, genuinely honest and heart-felt.   Love, Longing, disappointment, self-sacrifice, eternal desire and ultimate redemption  are all explored and experienced in this sonic Artistic masterpiece.   I don’t use praise frequently or lightly, but when I find something that truly engages me and moves me and is well deserving, I praise it so, because it so seldom happens.   It is refreshing and redeeming to find something with so much depth and breadth of meaning.

Redemption awaits all who explore the haunting world of Ghost Music.

Booksmith KOOP   DSC02982DSC02995DSC02996

I recently had the pleasure of having Lacy Rose in the Radio studio for an amazing, insightful interview into the Creative process and Inspiration behind these moving compositions.   What was initially to be a one hour interview happily evolved into a three-hour insightful confessional.  I confessed by adoration for the Viol ‘De Amour and how I wanted to build one & learn to play it.  Little did I know she was steeped in Baroque Music.  She Lives it, Studies it , Teaches it, and has devoted her life to it; and If I had to pin my hopes of a Baroque revival on anyone, Lacy Rose has my full confidence.   It is amazing, the thoughts and sentiments we have in common.  From Baroque Music to New Orleans Graveyards to the timeless Romance and dynamics of Drakula, Beauty and the Beast, Endymion and Selene, Artists, Muses, Mythology… all this and more timelessness is touched on and explored in her interview.

reading some Poetry for You.

Those that know me know of my love of Creativity, Art, Poetry & Music, as well as my slight obsession with Lunar Lore and Mythology.  the Music of Lacy Rose embodies all this and much much more.  My true task was to edit three hours down to a one hour show.  Every moment is magickal and important.   It may be in a series.  It will be broadcast once, then it is property of Lacy Rose to use as she sees fit.   so you can hear for yourself the spontaneous beauty of Artistic dialog with this true Artist.

 Recording Artist : Lacy Rose at KOOP Community Radio Austin

She is wearing ShalottLilly Jewelry ~>

Check out ShalottLilly’s beautiful one~of~a~kind Jewelry creations and support her efforts.

{  I wanted to make her something simple as a gift, so I made her a metal Coffin-shaped jewelry/microphone box.  I wasn’t sure if it was too weird of a gift to give, but she assured me it was perfect!   She recently told me it now has a place on harpsichord with her dolls.

  {God I love Art…}

Lacy Rose was gracious to let us have a glimpse into her beautiful, creative world, and what a magickal world it is…



    In  this Magnum Mysterium, perhaps set in ZentralFriedhof or in an Intimate, New Orleans graveyard populated by graves and Ghosts of Artists; the Trio Sonata of a Harmonium, Cello, and Flute that caress and charge the atmosphere, preparing it for the fiery Aria of that Beautiful voice…

All images property of their respective Artists, photographers and copyright holders. See Album inset for details

Lacy Rose ~ ‘Ghost Music’

[ Yes, that Beautiful voice…]

‘We have known the voice of Love in Dreams’ ~ Shelly

Behold a Fantasia, of shadows and Dreams, where stories Edgar Allen Poe, the Romance of Drakula, Artists, Muses, visions of Klimt, Paintings, and Epic, Mythic Love all come to life under the double glamour of Selene and the living firmament  to softly Minuet to the timeless Baroque-inspired Ghost Music of Lacy Rose.  The music charges the air, The lyrics set the stage, and that voice,… that voice ignites it all, in a Maelstrom of swirling emotion that will sweep us up into another timeless place….


The mist settles and gathers in forms.  Vague shapes and silhouettes arises and drift slowly about.   Arcangelo Corelli, Rameau, Vivaldi, Purcell, Monteverdi and Handel sway to the sound in recollection of a distant dream they have found, and  with their silk handkerchiefs softly damp their eyes in recognition of the genius talent and Passion this Beautiful Woman possesses and the passion that returns the favor. 

This is enchantment

This is Art.  

This, is a thing of Beauty...

Perhaps the magnetic words Percy Bysshe Shelly can encompass it better :  “from  'Prometheus Unbound'

m  'Prometheus Unbound'

into a Sea profound, of ever-spreading sound…

m  'Prometheus Unbound'... Even whilst we speak new notes arise…
What is that awe-inspiring Sound?
‘Tis the Deep Music of the rolling World
kindling within the strings of the waved Air Aeolian modulations.
Listen too, how every pause is filled with under-notes,
Clear Silver,icy keen, awakening tones,
Which pierce the sense and live within the Soul
As the sharp Stars pierce the Winter’s chrystal Air
And gaze upon  themselves within the Sea…
Of wave-reflected flowers, and floating odours,
And Music, soft, and Mild, Free, gentle voices,
That sweetest Music, such as Spirits Love.


...This, like thy glory Titan! is to be
Good great and joyous, beautiful and free
This is alone Life, Joy, Empire and Victory.”
~various excerpts from ‘Prometheus Unbound’ Percy Bysshe Shelly.

 This is A Joy Forever…


all images by their respective Artists, photographers & (copyright) holders. See Album for details.

You can look forward to the Austin Artists innerview with Lacy Rose on KOOP Radio on Monday 12~23~2013 at 7:00 PM- 9:00PM Central on

( Listen to this conversartion with Lacy sans music of course, for that you have to support her Art at : )

Cheers !














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