Edgar Allen Poe Birthday Memoriam

This is from the group Austin Poe Toasters feel free to join… https://www.facebook.com/groups/221308298034213/   and don’t miss the Edgar Allen Poe Birthday Memoriam Sunday evening 1/19/2014

…Excerpts from the book ‘A Defense of Edgar Allen Poe’
This book is important because it tries to set the record straight and undo the damage that was done by Griswold in his ‘so-called’ biography of Poe. We don’t know what Griswold’s motives were, but we do know is that there are a lot of untruths, accusations and assumptions that have no factual basis. This book here, ‘A Defense of Edgar Allen Poe’ was written by Eddies only attending physician and only published nearly 30 years after Poe’s death in an attempt to let the truth be known. It is accompanied by personal Family letters of those closest to ‘Eddie’, as his family called him. The letters are private accounts of the grief that Griswold’s misrepresentations caused. We are not sure even how Griswold got in a position of literary executor.

Anyhow, it validated a feeling I had before I found this book. I went to see the Ransom Center’s exhibit on Edgar Allen Poe and I was in absolute AWE. We literally spent the whole day there. One thing that really struck me was what beautiful, flowing, flawless penmanship the man had. He wrote on little 8×5 sheets and taped them in a scroll to make it easier for the printer to handle. My immediate thoughts were this is not the penmanship of a drug-addicted Alcoholic with delirium tremors. Impossible. It was flawless and beautiful. We mused on the fact that writing then was an Art and it was an intimate endeavor. There was no electricity. People wrote by candle light with ink and Quills often on hand-made paper. You must think of an economy of words and really think about what you are going to say. It is an intimate Art that I think is ripe for resurgence and renaissance. My point being, I knew, I felt that Poe was not this derelict that everyone lead to believe. It is not possible. This is a man who was in the prime of life, looking forward to a life with his Beautiful Wife, looking forward to some much deserved, though belated, fame. This was a man looking forward to life. I know this.
There is a shroud of mystery that surrounds his last day and we may never know all the circumstances. Some say he was a victim of cooping because he was found in strange clothes, beaten and confused. We may never know what happened, but we will know this: Edgar Allen Poe was no drug-addicted, alcoholic derelict.

{Fair use of brief excerpts for educational and critique purposes, though it’s over 70 years after the author and in the realm of CC}

from 'A defense of Edgar Allen Poe' k mbn tyup

He was a man looking forward to the rest of his life, and his early demise is an incalculable loss to literature and to the world, but his influence and inspiration truly live on… as this event, this birthday memoriam, is testament to.

Thank all the amazing talented & passionate Musicians and Artists that make it happen.

You are the Makers of Music and Art, you are the dreamers of Dreams, and the heart of my Heart. ~Cheers!

Read on, Write on, Right on!
~ your Booksmith

photo by booksmith photo by booksmith photo by Booksmith poe reader photo by Kelee James

This event, the Edgar Allen Poe Birthday Memoriam on 1/ 19 /2014 was an amazing and wonderful event.  Thanks to Willow, Lacy and all the Artists Musicians Thespians readers and participants that not only made it happen, but made it truly special.

The bands that performed :

Stella, The North ~> www.facebook.com/stella.thenorth

LexLand ~>  http://www.lexland.net/

Sons of Perdition  ~> http://www.sonsofperditionthemovie.com/Sons_of_Perdition…

Lacy Rose ~> www.lacyrosemusic.com

These are amazing, talented Artists and Musicians, I encourage you to support their efforts and purchase their Music through their own respective websites, you’ll be glad you did, It’ll open up a world of exponential wonder…

While Jeff Buckley wasn’t at the event, I did play this on the radio show, and you’ll enjoy it.  ~>


There is something special about Poetry and the written word that moves us.  Especially when someone reads to you.

This is beyond a reading of Poe’s written words, this has been elevated to a performance a theatrical delivery that gives you chills and puts you in the moment, complete with period costumes.  How could you not be moved.  Thanks to all who participated.

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