Radio interview with multi-medium Artist : Yuliya Lanina

On the show Reflections of Community Outreach on KOOP community Radio, Austin Artists speaks with the Russian- born American, trans-medium, multi-disciplined, degreed Artist Yuliya Lanina. 

‘Her paintings, animations and animatronic sculptures portray alternate realities that fuse fantasy, femininity, and humor.  These characters come from a variety of sources. Tapping into Greek mythology with its half-human and half-animal demigods, Lanina also relies on her personal experiences of Russian fairy tales, which are filled with fantastic beings deeply rooted in paganism, mysticism, and symbolism. Her creatures and their stories move freely between logical and illogical, realistic and illusory, predictable and surprising. They represent a life that can only be lived, but never understood.’

   Yuliya Lanina talks of her Academic career, her Art, Inspiration, the Creative process, and collaborative endeavors in the event ‘Arcadian Rhapsody’ at the non-profit Gallery : [Women and their Work] [ ]

For 35 years the Non-profit Organization: ‘Women and their Work’ have been providing vital service and support to Women Artists, as well as being a constant force of good, creativity and collaboration in the Arts

ImageYuliya Lanina is a fantastically creative, talented and engaging Artist, a true Artist from the Heart.


here is the pod-cast Audio from the show ~>

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Following  is the denouement of the radio interview;  Quinten Rhea asked from painting, what inspired her to start creating Sculptures?


Her Lyrical name is Music to the Art world

Yuliya Lanina.

{say it out loud to yourself}

  Support Women and their Work and Yuliya’s Art

Well if you missed Austin Artists interview with the multi-talented, multi-medium Artist : Yuliya Lanina about her Art, Creativity & Inspiration, well,…you can go see for yourself this Wednesday in Austin Texas at Women~and~their~Work Gallery event ‘Arcadian Rhapsody’.
Arcadia It is situated in the central and eastern part of the Peloponnese peninsula. It takes its name from the mythological character Arcas. In Greek mythology, it was the home of the god Pan. In European Renaissance arts, Arcadia was celebrated as an unspoiled, harmonious wilderness. Come witness the harmonious multi-Artistic world of Yuliya Lanina and friends this Wednesday at Women and their Work…. Cheers!


Event link~>


What a great Event!  Thank You ‘Women and their Work’ and all the great Artists for doing what you do and creating some engaging emotive Art and events.

…and here are some photos from the event Arcadian Jam Wed. 1/29/2014  at the ‘Women and their Work’ organization in Austin Texas.

~ Cheers !

Laniya speaking at tha 'Arcadian Jam' event at 'Women and their Work'

Laniya speaking at tha ‘Arcadian Jam’ event at ‘Women and their Work’

Quinten Rhea, Greg Ciotti and Austin Artists

Quinten Rhea, Greg Ciotti of KOOP Community Radio for the shows Reflections of Community Outreach and Austin Artists

Kathryn Findlyn and Yuliya Lanina at 'Women and their Work' in Austin Texas ~ photo by Art Smith / Quinten Rhea

Kathryn Findlyn and Yuliya Lanina at ‘Women and their Work’ in Austin Texas

Yuliya's husband

Yuliya’s husband speaks about upcoming collaborative efforts like a ‘pocket Opera’ and more. Look forward to a future interview on an ‘Austin Artists’ show on KOOP radio.



Yuliya speaking to a full house at ‘Women and their Work’

from 'Epipsychidion' by Shelly

from ‘Epipsychidion’ by Shelly

Stay Inspired my Friends!








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