SkillsUSA Texas Metal Sculpture competition

Metal Art Alchemy…

Turning Iron Metal into Gold Medal…

Greeting good folks…


The Ribbon Cutting at SkillsUSA Texas State competitions 2014 in San Antonio Texas 3/19

~~~~~~~  )  o  (  ~~~~~~~

Well, here it is the Denouement of the Skills USA Metal Sculpture competition.  Though I just found out about the competition at the end of last semester, I was determined to enter it.  I started with some scratch paper and a vision.

The project’s rolling Blog from the very beginning, can be read here~> .

This blog picks up where that left off, at the completion of the project and the beginning of the ‘competition’.  I literally was working on it up until the night before.  Mucho thanks to the Staff at ACC Riverside for accommodating my schedule.  I could not have done this at all with out all of you.   Though they call it a ‘competition’  I am an Artist, I’m not competing with anyone but myself.  It is not so much about me as it is about Austin Community College and the great program, Instructors, Staff and facilities at ACC.  I did this for them.  Cheers Everyone at ACC.  You Rock!  I am just beginning, it takes years and years to master a craft.  I am just a motivated Artist with some beginner’s skills and a vision.  Anyone can do this.  I have to admit, humbly, that I exceeded my vision and amazed myself with this project.  I would not, and could not have done it without ACC Welding Dept and ArtMetals.   I have received some great compliments, and kind words of encouragement from people in the industry whom I respect immensely.  Thanks everyone!  I do appreciate everything… I do this for You!

Here are some photos from the ACC SkillsUSA trip.

      5:45 am day one:


day 0ne check in & sit around drinking coffee…



Day 2: Bar-B-Q!!!! with Fab team and individuals and Sculpture.  I love BBQ!  Good job!….

DSC00891DSC01091  DSC01092DSC01102DSC01074




Day 3 : the SkillsUSA 2014 Awards ceremony…

DSC01129DSC01146  DSC01124DSC01154

SkillsUSA Austin Community College students setting up, before they knew if they would win anything at all.

Tense moments for everyone in the room;….the culmination of all their efforts will be revealed in moments…

DSC01144DSC01147DSC01151  DSC01193DSC01154DSC01159

Short Award video~>


The Austin Community College SkillsUSA Crew.  Good Job Everyone!

ACC! …this is for You!  Thanks You SKillsUSA!

{and Thanks Lincoln Electric for the cool Swag Bag}




The project’s Blog can be read here~> .

Stay inspired my Friends!…















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