Celebrate World Book Night USA 4/23 and the Founding of Rome 4/21


What do April 21st and April 23rd have in common ?

The founding of Rome on  4/21 and World Bookday USA  on 4/23
What do William Shakespeare,  Shelly, Byron, Keats, Chaucer, Browning, Gabriele D’Annunzio and Robert Underwood Johnson all have in common?
A Love of Italy and Writing…
Why are so many of Shakespeare’s plays set in Italy?
The Palace of Pleasure that introduced Italian literature to English minds…
Here’s the tie-in: World Book Night US is April 23rd, supposedly set on Shakespeare’s birthday.

The Founding of Rome is 4/23 by Romulus, a descendant of my distant ancestor Rhea Silva, the She-Wolf who suckled Romulus and Remus.
Tune into ‘ The Muse the grave and the Living Poetry’ on the Pilot show… on KOOP.org 1:00 pm Monday
In recognition of World Book Night as well as the anniversary of the Founding of Rome join Booksmith for a small literary tour through provinces of Rome and beyond with readings from Anacreon to Ovid to Gabriele D’annunzio to Byron and Shelly In Italy, and ‘Italian Rhapsody’ by Robert Underwood Johnson read from one of my prized book possessions a signed copy of  ‘Italian Rhapsody and other Poems of Italy’  I am in awe of his Poetry, and I don’t say that lightly.  His writing does what real Poetry should do, it should give you chills and make your eyes well up with feeling and empathy.

Robert Underwood Johnson was a driving force for the effort to acquire and preserve as a museum the rooms in Rome where the poet John Keats and his friend Joseph Severn spent Keats’s final months in 1821. You can visit this Keats Shelley Memorial in Rome today, where its windows look out over the Spanish Steps.


If you haven’t heard of Robert Underwood Johnson and you love Poetry and Italy, You must read all about him and his many important achievements.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Underwood_Johnson

I read ‘Love in Italy’ by Underwood on an earlier episode.  I absolutely love his Poetry.  It is amazing how all this ties in together isn’t it?  I mean really, this show had to be, but only could be because I am a voracious reader and I Love True Poetry.  It is only because I have read all these books that I can see the thread that weaves throughout seemingly unconnected things.  I hope you see the beauty and uniqueness in all this too.  I do this because I am moved by it.  It is a labor of Love and I will never cease.  I want to really take some time to develop this into more than a 30 minute show.   There is just so much material I want to do it all justice.

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Robert Under Wood Johnson’s  ‘Italian Rhapsody and other Poems of Italy’  is extremely rare and cherished & signed.  It is some of the most emotive Poetry I’ve read.  One gets feeling he truly Loved Italy.   I read the poem ‘Italian Rhapsody’ in full for education purposes only.  If you want to read it, well you can’t borrow my signed edition but you can find it free at the Internet Archive here~> https://archive.org/stream/italianrhapsody00johngoog#page/n7/mode/2up  {see how nice I am }

Please support the Arts, Artists, Writers, Poets and Musicians that move you.



The Denouement is a touching reading of 13 Phrases For Living by Gabriel García Márquez. The World will miss ‘Gabo’ but forever be moved by the Magic Realism he created. Salud!

Read on.
Write on

Right on!

link to a photo of the book and audio of the Poem~>

If you genuinely appreciate what I do here and love books and the Arts feel free to contact me, at times I do interviews and joint shows with a co -host to share the Love of the written and spoken word.

here is my FB page ~> https://www.facebook.com/pages/Booksmith/465082143570242

and Every Night is World Book Night.

It is funny how the studio just had a dozen ‘Writers’ in the studio that have never heard of World Book Night nor or Underwood, nor of D’annunzio.   I’m not judging but sometimes I feel some people are just not truly into it, and probably should spend more time actually studying their craft before they rush out to get business cards made.  No one needs to go to a University to learn.  Just a passion…. a mad, mad passion for learning.  Whatever Art it is that you do, pour your heart into it and make it happen as only you can.  You are absolutely essential to everything.  Stay inspired my Friends!


If you missed this show, I have a CC / RFM version for you to listen to.  Just for a few days this will be available~> https://www.dropbox.com/…/Poema%20a%20Roma%20Italy.mp3 

This is sans all Copyrighted music, everything else under Creative Commons Royalty free music. The readings are for educational and critique purposes. I own nor claim any rights to anything but my voice. I have no commercial interest in any of this, there are no ads, or anything. I t is a labour of Love, I do it because it moves me. I hope it moves you in some way.

















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