American Lung Association and Bike Austin on Reflections of Community Outreach


Howdy Folks! on todays Reflections Of Community Outreach on KOOP Community Radio we had The American Lung association  and Bike Austin in the Studio to speak to their missions, initiatives and events.  One event is so secret we can’t even mention its name until tomorrow,  in fact we can’t even show you the Pin I’m wearing or mention the color of the Initiative, but if you are around downtown this evening you will get a glimpse of the new Color for the American Lung associations National Initiative and then watch it on Good Morning America Tomorrow.  There they will tell you the details, but while we can’t tell you What it is, we can tell you What it is About.. So listen to the Audio and Carol from the ALA plains Gulf Region will speak to that and a whole lot more.  Like the statistics and spending and factors surrounding Lung disease, as well as their recent Climb event funraiser.   So following is some facts and points from the show.  Did you know Lung disease kills More US women than Breast cancer? and it recieves 1/10 th the funding? I didn’t know that either, that’s why  these Organizations and this show and KOOP are so Important and Vital to the Community; Getting out important Information to everyone.  I will post links and resources as well.

 For now, here’s the Audio link from the show ~>


Bike Austin {merging of Austin Cycling and Bike Austin }Links~> :


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