Full Moon the 13th of June: the Poetry of Rumi … the Music of Atash…

10405257_535121459944755_1733343405499410755_n     I know you…

I know you love Books, Poetry, Music and emotive Arts.

If you haven’t yet, do yourself a favor and experience Atash.

You will be moved as am I.

You know me.

You know I am driven by what moves me, by the deeply emotive Arts in all their beauty….

There is a Beauty whose inspiration fills ….

On Friday June 13th, Mohammad Firoozi Dashtestani and the band Atash treated guests to some amazing World Music and more.  It is a musical gumbo of all the good stuff… Middle Eastern, Flamenco, Reggae, inspired music with Gypsy, Indian, African, and Arabian influences.  It mixes all together into something beautiful and emotive, add to that some Poetry of Rumi and Beautiful Traditional Dancers and you have one Magickal experience you won’t ever forget. They show you some Love.  Love of their Art.  These are consummate Musicians and Performers that seriously study their Art and deliver something deeply engaging and compelling. Visit the Atash site, read about them and their events, and when you get a chance, show ’em some love right back :


Firoozi sings in his native Farsi, and we are glad he does. As an aside, I have always felt that I don’t have to know the Lyrics to understand the language and what is being said.  Some of my favorite songs are in other languages.  It is the emotion that drives it and delivers the meaning.  I think of Alpha Blondy and the songs I loved without knowing the words until I had a Jewish girlfriend who spoke Hebrew and French and translated the lyrics for me.  I kinda already knew the meaning by the emotion.  In fact I admire songs in other native languages.  I respect that.  If they were to be sung in English, something definitely would be lost in translation.

Atash are amazing Live.  The theatre is full of good vibes, good people, a lot of dancing and groovin’… In come the Dancers!

IMG_20140613_205226 The Dancers are absolutely amazing. They study their Art and deliver an experience that will move you to the core.  I know this.   I’m an Artist.  I know Beauty, true Beauty in Nature.  This is Beauty.  What these Women do, is what this universe revolves around.  This is greatness.  This is Art.  This is beauty. This is a joy forever…


Visit the bands site for their info and events… Atash.com

I bought the Bands CD at the show and will be playing some tracks on the Radio show sometime. Support amazing Artistry in all its forms, in every way you can…



~~~~~~~)   O   (~~~~~~~

‘ we love the moon,… She is beautiful…we are inspired by the moon’ ~Faroozi


~~~~~~~)   O    (~~~~~~~

~There is a path from me to you that I am constantly looking for…

So I try to keep clear and still,…as the Water does for the Moon’ ~ Rumi


Take Care… Stay inspired! my Friends… .









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