Live coverage of the SkillsUSA National metal working sculpture

Hey good folks!  How is everyone? …amazing and creative I bet. Well I won {earned}  1st Place Gold Medal in the SkillsUSA Texas metal working sculpture competition.  So I I will be ‘competing’  in the SkillsUSA National metal working sculpture competition.  Though it is called a ‘competition’ .  I don’t feel it is competing; Artists don’t compete with each other, we compete with ourselves, we compliment each other.  Everyone here is a Winner!  The fact that they take time out of their schedule and create something of their own without any thought of compensation is testament to their creative, artistic nature.  Being part of an organization?… a testament to their cooperative nature.  And that they follow through,… a testament to their perseverance.  Great qualities for any career, I’d say.   Cheers to everyone who took part, followed along, supported and encouraged these Artists.  You are All Winners in my book! From Austin, we drove 11 hours to Kansas city Missouri…well, my Advisers did the driving, I read books and sketched.

Day One: 3:50 AM {yes, I had 2 hours of sleep after a 16 hour day, but regardless I am always early for everything no matter what.}  Leaving for Kansas city MO.  The LunArc is ready to go.

IMG_20140623_043511 IMG_20140623_071032         IMG_20140624_072355

The historic Phillips hotel in Downtown Kansas City Missouri.  Built in 1931.  It’s a Texas Takeover.  I already had a Cowboy hat, but They furnished us all with new hats.  Represent.

IMG_20140624_072138 IMG_20140624_070851

SkillsUSA is Immense in breadth and scope.  I am a very small part of a much larger universe.  The convention center is loaded with vendors and sponsors from the Tool, Metal, Fab industries and every possible other technology you can think of…  I will just be focusing on the Metal welding sculpture end of things tucked away in the basement of the convention center.  {but not next year}

Let me just add that Kansas City is amazing.  It is a beautiful place with friendly people, nice fountains and Museums beyond compare.  I didn’t know what to expect, but I am thoroughly impressed. {that’s no easy task} Good job Kansas city!

IMG_20140624_083801 IMG_20140624_095431

There is a lot in between that would take several hundred pages to show.  Let’s just say this convention center is Massive.  18 Wheelers, Tractors, Jet engines, Motorcycles, Construction, Welding, Auto to nails and hair and every possible thing in between, even baking and Robots.  You name something there is a trade represented there by the best in the state. I will focus only on a very small and often-overlooked, but very important part of the SKills event: Welding Metal Sculpture: here are the fine works that won 1st place in their respective State Skills competition:  Everyone is already a Winner! just remember that… Just coming this far speaks volumes about these people.  They have the great qualities that anyone would want in their organization.  These are thinkers, participators, organizers, leaders among being creative artists.

IMG_20140626_090734 - Copy


 IMG_20140626_091301 - Copy

IMG_20140626_091405 - Copy

IMG_20140626_091522 - Copy

IMG_20140626_091919 - Copy

IMG_20140626_091930 - Copy 

IMG_20140626_092001 - Copy

IMG_20140626_091939 - Copy

IMG_20140626_091615 - Copy

 IMG_20140626_091643 - Copy

 IMG_20140626_092015 - Copy











 IMG_20140626_092041 - Copy

IMG_20140626_092056 - Copy


IMG_20140626_091615 - Copy

Everyone is a Winner!

Live your Passions.

THE most important Art, the most important piece of Work,

that One can create and work on …

is the Art of being themselves.

It is always a work in process…

The important thing is to be constantly engaged in the work,

the art of becoming

the most genuine, honest and fullest expression of You.

You are your own Masterpiece.

Be Well.

Do good Work.

get busy!…






& Never let the world bring you down.


.for those of you who don’t know what SkillsUSA is,…well, don’t feel bad. I didn’t either, neither did my friends but we filled an entire stadium and all of us recorded a collective promo for Mike Rowe new Film project called: ‘Somebody’s got to do it ‘ {you know that show Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe } Well SkillsUSA honored Mike for all his good work. as well as Chris Fischer, founder of the non-profit organization Ocearch,
These folks and SkillsUSA are helping make America great again.
America was built by hand, by people like me, my parents and grandparents and you, and yours. It has lost something in the time in between.
I was an EMT when I was 17-18, and then I had the good fortune of working with a building company that did everything except plumbing and electrical. They taught me everything else involved in construction, everything. I have built homes, warehouses, steel buildings and custom decks and done remodeling.
I really dig working with these massive hands and getting things done. There is a lot to be said for that. That carries over into my Art. I Love creating and have to create for my own sanity and peace of mind, or the world feels my wrath; but this isn’t about me. 

.DSC03157 DSC03158 DSC03159 DSC03160


DSC03097 DSC03082 DSC03144 DSC03142


  The point being, SkillsUSA and all these folks that put their hard work and energy into making it happen, are filling a gap in the workforce, yes, but beyond that , they are inspiring minds to take part in something bigger than themselves, to take pride in work. To get the job done right. To make America great again. They are challenging and rewarding the best and the brightest in the nation. So Cheers to them.
On this 4th of July, in between the BBQ, Beer and fireworks think about America,.. what it means,… what it is made of,… where it is going… and know this :
that there is good work being done by good folks that still care about things enough to get their hands dirty and set to work fixing things, instead of just complaining about things. These are just some of those folks..



That will be busy Working… Creating,…. and making America Great again!



Get Busy!


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