Austin Artists show: a conversation with Hackerspace featuring Octant, Cactus Bath and ArcAttack

Austin Artists


The creative, electrifying atmosphere at Hackerspace…


Where do I begin?…


well; where a lot of amazing things begin…

at ATX Hackerspace .

If you know, then you know,…

but if you haven’t heard yet:

This is ground Zero for a lot of amazing creativity even Nikola would be proud of.

The place is a~buzz with activity, figuratively and literally. It is like a beehive where some of my favorite things: Science, Technology, Engineering, Education, Art, Math and Music and Community merge to create an environment where anything is possible, and more likely, it is probable.  Where else can you build a Tesla coil? In fact; if there is a heaven, I hope in some ways it resembles Hackerspace.

You know me, I live for this stuff. Find a place where I can indulge my Left and Right Brain under one roof? Sign me up! And you can sign up too!…

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