the Mystic synchronicity of Art and Life…

You know what i am talking about.

Those extremely uncanny coincidences that make you pause and think.

OK Here is one example of those synchro~mystic’ serendipitous things that defy explanation, statistical analysis or calculus of probabilities of any sort.

Explain the odds of this, and all the things that have to take place just perfectly, sequentially.  Events set in motion months and years and decades in advance to lead up to one moment:

~How I can i just decide to go to the bookstore, randomly find a used book on jewelry from 1957 on a clearance section of half price books in Austin.


 ~and find a piece of jewelry that I really like in it, then decide to bring the book to my jewelry class over a year later to donate to the class library ..

~and show the instructor the piece that caught my eye.


~She quietly acknowledged my admiration for the piece..

saying :Yeah, that IS a pretty nice piece isn’t it’

( no big deal right)

~the very next class day:

~I walk into my classroom, early as usual…

~this  Design book from 1954 that I donated was open to the page of the piece that I liked…

~And sitting next to it on top of the page ..

IS THE Exact same piece !!!


 By the same Artist Michael Perry !

Right there in real life!!!!


What ? How? Why?


~Turns out my Friend, Mentor and  instructor Martha Soto’s Father , Ishmael Soto is a renowned Artist and was a colleague of Michael Perry.

Martha had this very piece in her possession all these years.


My friend, womentor, and jewelry instructor Martha Soto teaching, .. Inspiring her jewelry class as she has done for over two decades, as her father has done and still does to this day.

We still laugh about it and shake our heads and shrug our shoulders …


I ask You, what are those odds?  I mean really?  Do all the math and statistics you want… Any one thing out of place and the whole thing doesn’t work.  If I didn’t go to the bookstore, if the person didn’t donate the book, if I didn’t look in the clearance section,  if I didn’t donate it to my jewelry class, if I hadn’t been inspired to take the jewelry class, if I didn’t live in Austin, if Martha didn’t teach jewelry, if her father hadn’t … If I didn’t like the piece… If Martha didn’t have it … And on.and on back through time… Ad infinitum…

 Any ONE thing out of place? And the whole thing dissipates into thin air ….

~~~~ ).  O. (~~~

I guess what I am getting at Is that there are Connections everywhere with everything and everyone and we have an effect on them either way.  I could have left the book on my bookshelf and not thought twice about it and I wouldn’t be writing  this right now.

I know there are just random coincidences,…

 but sometimes there are things that seem beyond the ordinary coincidence.

 It is beyond words, beyond reason…

Beyond belief…

What do you call this?

We need a new word….

Yes,…. ‘ Synchro~Mystic! ‘


Update 9/15 ~ Even more Synchro`Mystic encounters:

So for the Austin Artists show last Monday I had a Diez y Seis, Hispanic Heritage month, Museum day spesial with Mexic~Arte Museum.  I told them to bring whatever Artists they like to talk about their Art.  They Invited Mary Jane  Garza.


Also I recorded a short Art conversation with Martha Soto about her journey through Art and in it she mentions her Father as an influence on her Art development.  I was playing this recorded conversation on the show and the guest Mary Jane said to me off air: ‘Ismael Soto? ‘  I replied, ‘Yes that is Martha Soto’s Father’.’  It turns out Mary Jane knows Ismael from her time at UT and worked with him on a project where?… Mexic~Arte Museum.  She just lit up, she was so happy to think of him,  You could see it brought back good memories for her.

This is that thread I speak of from time to time that weaves throughout Art.  They all weave together into a rich tapestry of history and creativity.  It is special.


and even further…just today Thursday 9/18 I told the girl in my class this story and afterwards we were talking about Art classes and she mentioned she took ceramics and suggested I would like it because I like creating things with my hands.  Then I asked her about the class and she said it is at the Rio Grande Campus with this amazing instructor, I asked what was their name so I could register for it, and she said: ‘Ismael’ … after a second or two it dawned on us both… Ismael, Yes that Ismael!

Martha’s Father !


Seemingly unrelated things… Art ties it all together.

On a related note:

I earn my Jewelry degree this Autumn

I will be updating this later in the semester….

I am also earning my Art Metal degree, my Metal Sculpture degree and my Music Business performance technology degree…

For now, and always,…be inspired!



 .. Pursue your passions! .








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