Young Artists Concert series Fall 2014

Gelsomina and Daniel Hur Meglino

Please visit their website for more info on the event and info about the Organization Classical Music for the World ~>

A whole lot of talent.

A whole lot of class.

Thanks to Andrea for letting me co-host the conversation with our young musicians.  Andrea, aside from being a  muti~instrumentalist herself and knowing a thing or two about music, she is also a radio pro from KMFA ‘s kids recording kids radio summer camp.  She also shares a love of reading, photography and we nerded out over making jewelry.  She was gracious enough to ask all the tough music questions because I don’t know a Vivaldi from a Wagner, but I do know that music moves me.  It was a great conversation.  The kids are great.  They have a true charm in addition to their many talents.  Learning German so they can communicate with their friends from Deutschland ?  I can’t even spell the word.

As Francesco said about his students : ‘…aside from growing up to be great musicians, they are growing up to be great human beings’.

They are well on their way to fulfilling both endeavors with a whole lot of class and great personalities. Part of being a great human being, in my view, is to be constantly engaged in learning and doing and becoming all that you can.  Expanding and fulfilling your potential.



Photo Courtesy of CMFW



I admire these kids.  I can’t even remember what I was doing at that age.  I wish I had been doing any one thing that early in life.


Their mom, Younnie, is an indefatigable force of nature, of compassion, kindness and guidance toward her kids.  This is a beautiful family.  Expect more  greatness from them. As well she is a source of inspiration and healing for the community.  Music soothes and comforts and we see this in action at these events.  I saw the audience genuinely moved. I am so glad I mentioned the encore, it was almost overlooked. They performed one of the most stirring renditions of Amazing Grace ever.  That is no over statement.  If you heard it you know what mean. Daniel and Gelsomina took this old standard song to new heights of ever more rarified air.

Truly moving. This is the power of Music…

What a great Family and a great group of people.  I am happy to be a part of it in some way.


Hey, i’m on the program along with all this talent?  If it’s not a type~o , I am honored!

Quinten CMFW

Andrea and I having a conversation with the young Musicians about their Music, Inspiration, world travels, Education, projects, their upcoming trip to Carnegie Hall, and their pet tortoise TOTO.

You can tune into the Austin Artists show on December 15, 2014  Worldwide at 1:00pm c on

We will have them all in the studio to share some music with you and talk about Music and their performance at Carnegie Hall and more.  Then we will continue our conversation into the following show ‘Reflections of Community outreach’ where we will talk with Younnie about the organization Michael about conducting teaching and of course Piano, and Francesco will call in from Italy to speak about his passions for teaching and Music.  These are such great people they have been a great inspiration to me.  I am honored to be involved in any capacity and to know these people and to count them among my truest of friends in the heart of my heart.

Big thanks to the good folks at First Baptist Church of Austin for hosting this event and more….

…and for being an important part of the community.


Be well.  Stay inspired!











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