Saint Cecilia day

Saint Cecilia day


 Dómine …

Miserere …

si artifex sentit enim cor nimium

 … Creo, ergo sum



One thought on “Saint Cecilia day

  1. “For the heart of the Lord they miserably if an artist feels to create too much, therefore I am.” Thank Geez for Google, for I know not of Latin! However… the saying for St. Cecilia day is beautiful. Also scanned the articles on your webpage. Most enjoyable to be sure. I really liked all the articles which are very entertaining. I look forward to discussing more about “the book”. What sort of book should it be. Jewelry instruction, by example, text and final products. Book of “short cuts and time shaving or time efficient methods in fabrication, and/or casting”. Compilation of various works by a hand ful of jewelers plus an interview with each one. A series of basic books of instruction for a project, for instance. The series could include a book on basic casting and trouble shooting, a book on soldering with basic rules for large or small pieces, a book on various projects with each focused on each project. The series could be something like 25 small hand held no more than 100/150 pages of text plus pictures. Anyway…. just a thought. Have a wonderful holiday and I’ll see you soon.



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