…at the heart of the Arts…

At the heart of the Arts are Artists who give freely and often, of their time and talent.

The gentleman standing next to me is a living Arts legend, a friend, a mentor, and a hell of a good guy with a heck of a lot of talent and vision.



I am in awe, humbled and honored, when recently i was given this hand~crafted forged artisianal blacksmith knife…”on behalf of the metalsmithing community for all the good work”

Me.  Quinten Rhea.

I am absolutely honored.

Day? : made !

This will be forever among my prized art memories and posessions.


On my late lunch break I immediately made a stand for it.

IMG_20150304_050134~3 IMG_20150304_050425~3 IMG_20150304_050500~2

Finally finding the perfect use of that piece of stone I found a while back.



This is the sculpture I made that earned a First Place Gold Medal for ACC and myself in Metal sculpture for the whole of Texas.

The project can be read from sketch to Iron to Gold ~> http://www.SacredArtsDialog.WordPress.com


I am producing a series of installments for the Austin Artists show that feature conversations with some of the Austin area Metal Artists that are contributing to the Art.  One thing I realized early on is that all paths inevitably lead through ACC Art Metals dept.

 The one which Tom Gingras started ex~nihilo and is thriving today.

And more specifically they lead through Tom’s classes.

I am fortunate enough to be taking his Metal Sculpture class this term and I am on a trajectory to earn all four of my Art degrees.  After this, I will be focusing exclusively on Blacksmithing until I complete my degree.  My next 2 years are mapped out consisely at least as far as my academic and Artistic pursuits are concerned.

I am always interested in stepping outside myself, learning new things and learning more about people who do good work.

Learn more about Tom

Visit TomGingras.com

To see for yourself some of his work.  Our conversation should be up there too but if it isn’t yet…









Thanks for reading this Art Blog.

Today is world book day.

Read on!

Right on!


Til next time ….

Be well.

Do good.

stay Inspired!







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