The Flood…


…    a conversation with Gilka Gesespedes about her journey with Music and her Piano.

Gilka is from Bolivia.

She lives in Austin Texas.

Gilka has been playing Piano since childhood.

She is just getting back on track after having lost most all her possessions, including her Piano in the Onion Creek flood.

The Tempest by Beethoven, which she plays, is a fitting thread and metaphor for the Flood itself and destruction, loss, cleansing and ultimate reclamation and growth through perseverance.

IMG_20150319_172417 IMG_20150319_173846

Just yesterday I was helping Gilka reclaim her Garden at her home and renovate her furniture.

In her words: “It has been through a lot, it should show be renewed, but still show its scars from its history.”

It was a long process of recovery and reclamation.  I spent the day helping with everything she needed.

She made coffee and Lunch and I was treated to a performance when she sat down and started playing her piano.

These two photos, separated by over 60 years, speak volumes about the power of Music

and the Beauty of this Woman …


The flood may have taken from her.  She is reclaiming what she can, as she can.

The storm also brought her back to playing her Music.

She spoke about sitting doen at the Piano and recalling compositions she hasn’t played in decades and they just came flooding back with all the emotion and feeling they had before.

The Spring time metaphors about during the day at Gilka’s place.

She saw some tiny cactus had taken root on the roof of her shed and she wanted to nurture them and asked if I could help to make her roof a living green roof with plants.  Yes I can.  It is now what she calls humorously a ‘Chia roof’

also by her Hearth after Siesta I noticed this creature:..


drying its wings…

having undergone some drastic and beautiful transformation.

I have never seen this creature before.  She explains it is one of those black many-spiked fat caterpillars and they often don’t make it to this stage.  She then showed me on her porch some that hadn’t molted successfully.

She thinks it is a nocturnal moth of some sort.

We both agreed it is amazing and let it be.

fanning it’s wings as Gilka played more music.


It Heals us.  It Comforts us.  It gives us solace.

~Cheers Gilka

her Music


and her Piano












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