July 4th Alan Seeger 100 year Memoriam

Artist, Poet, Soldier

Alan Seeger

Collage 2016-07-04 00_53_49~2

We Remember

100 years ago

July 4th 1916

Artist, Poet, Soldier

Alan Seeger

who lived his convictions;
living, artfully and poetically,

‘..who; not unmindful of that antique debt, came back the generous path of Lafayette .’

Who fought for France in defense of Liberty.
would live his last day

on July 4th



We remember

Alan Seeger

‘…that blessed pilgrim of a vow fulfilled’



Letters & Diary :

Poems & Piano












Alan Seeger 100 year Remembrance…

 100 Years ago today…

Monday, May 30th 1916

ALAN SEEGER 100 year remembrance

100 years later we remember

Artist, Poet, Soldier
Alan Seeger

‘came back the generous path of Lafayette ‘
Volunteering for the French Foreign Legion
to defend Liberty and France
in WWI.

He was commissioned to write and Ode in honor of his fellow volunteer soldiers and was to have been on leave to read this

‘Ode to the Memory of the American Volunteers Fallen for France’ on Monday, May 30th, 1916 at the Statue of Washington and Lafayette in Paris France.

His release papers were delayed or lost and May 30th found Alan still in the trenches of warfare.

Alan never got to read his ‘Ode to the American Volunteers Fallen for France’

Monday, May 30th

Decoration day / Memorial day
marks the
100th anniversary
special remembrance…

On Monday, May 30th

we will hear ‘Ode to the Memory of the American Volunteers Fallen for France’

(read by Quinten Rhea)

#DecorationDay #MemorialDay #AlanSeeger #remembrance

POEMS by Alan Seeger

Here is the Audio 

the Lunar Muse

Throughout time, the Moon has been the subject of and inspiration for countless works of Art, Poetry, Writing, Music, Performance, Dance and Architecture.

Its mysterious allure casts a Magick and glamour upon the hearts and minds of Artists.  I have not consciuosly sought to have a Lunar influence in my Art.  It just always seems to appear in some way.  It is inescapable.  I dont entirely understand it, but I don’t question it.  It just is.

I can relate numerous examples of a series of uncanny coincidences that hint at something other, some influence that must be in play because things defy any terrestrial calculus or reasoning.

quinten-rhea-wolf-moon-1400449918gk8n4 (1)


 ‘ WolF Moon / the Hunger ‘

This is a mysterious painting I did a while back.  I can’t tell you how, because I don’t know myself.

I can relate numerous examples of a series of uncanny coincidences that hint at something other, some influence that must be in play because things defy any terrestrial calculus or reasoning.

Here are a few of my creations that are heavily influenced by Lunar Musings.  Utilizing reclaimed scrap metal, they seem to evolve on their own and suggest their own best ultimate form.

FB_IMG_1444877707120                        ‘The Lunar Lotus’

by Rhea


Acrylics on canvas with blacklight.  I love to leave room for Art to do its thing and allow for a randomness and surprises.  An entire sublunary deep forest of exotic flora, this will be expanded to a large canvas.


IMG_20140625_140304 Continue reading

The Flood…


…    a conversation with Gilka Gesespedes about her journey with Music and her Piano.

Gilka is from Bolivia.

She lives in Austin Texas.

Gilka has been playing Piano since childhood.

She is just getting back on track after having lost most all her possessions, including her Piano in the Onion Creek flood.

The Tempest by Beethoven, which she plays, is a fitting thread and metaphor for the Flood itself and destruction, loss, cleansing and ultimate reclamation and growth through perseverance.

IMG_20150319_172417 IMG_20150319_173846

Just yesterday I was helping Gilka reclaim her Garden at her home and renovate her furniture.

In her words: “It has been through a lot, it should show be renewed, but still show its scars from its history.”

It was a long process of recovery and reclamation.  I spent the day helping with everything she needed.

She made coffee and Lunch and I was treated to a performance when she sat down and started playing her piano.

These two photos, separated by over 60 years, speak volumes about the power of Music

and the Beauty of this Woman …


The flood may have taken from her.  She is reclaiming what she can, as she can.

The storm also brought her back to playing her Music.

She spoke about sitting doen at the Piano and recalling compositions she hasn’t played in decades and they just came flooding back with all the emotion and feeling they had before.

The Spring time metaphors about during the day at Gilka’s place.

She saw some tiny cactus had taken root on the roof of her shed and she wanted to nurture them and asked if I could help to make her roof a living green roof with plants.  Yes I can.  It is now what she calls humorously a ‘Chia roof’

also by her Hearth after Siesta I noticed this creature:..


drying its wings…

having undergone some drastic and beautiful transformation.

I have never seen this creature before.  She explains it is one of those black many-spiked fat caterpillars and they often don’t make it to this stage.  She then showed me on her porch some that hadn’t molted successfully.

She thinks it is a nocturnal moth of some sort.

We both agreed it is amazing and let it be.

fanning it’s wings as Gilka played more music.


It Heals us.  It Comforts us.  It gives us solace.

~Cheers Gilka

her Music


and her Piano












…at the heart of the Arts…

At the heart of the Arts are Artists who give freely and often, of their time and talent.

The gentleman standing next to me is a living Arts legend, a friend, a mentor, and a hell of a good guy with a heck of a lot of talent and vision.



I am in awe, humbled and honored, when recently i was given this hand~crafted forged artisianal blacksmith knife…”on behalf of the metalsmithing community for all the good work”

Me.  Quinten Rhea.

I am absolutely honored.

Day? : made !

This will be forever among my prized art memories and posessions.


On my late lunch break I immediately made a stand for it.

IMG_20150304_050134~3 IMG_20150304_050425~3 IMG_20150304_050500~2

Finally finding the perfect use of that piece of stone I found a while back.



This is the sculpture I made that earned a First Place Gold Medal for ACC and myself in Metal sculpture for the whole of Texas.

The project can be read from sketch to Iron to Gold ~> http://www.SacredArtsDialog.WordPress.com


I am producing a series of installments for the Austin Artists show that feature conversations with some of the Austin area Metal Artists that are contributing to the Art.  One thing I realized early on is that all paths inevitably lead through ACC Art Metals dept.

 The one which Tom Gingras started ex~nihilo and is thriving today.

And more specifically they lead through Tom’s classes.

I am fortunate enough to be taking his Metal Sculpture class this term and I am on a trajectory to earn all four of my Art degrees.  After this, I will be focusing exclusively on Blacksmithing until I complete my degree.  My next 2 years are mapped out consisely at least as far as my academic and Artistic pursuits are concerned.

I am always interested in stepping outside myself, learning new things and learning more about people who do good work.

Learn more about Tom

Visit TomGingras.com

To see for yourself some of his work.  Our conversation should be up there too but if it isn’t yet…









Thanks for reading this Art Blog.

Today is world book day.

Read on!

Right on!


Til next time ….

Be well.

Do good.

stay Inspired!






The 55th annual Soto Studio Show with Maestro Soto, Family & Friends


On the last day of the semester and my Jewelry Techniques Class, I had the pleasure of making a journey to attend the 55th Annual Soto Pottery and Art show….


…After an hour ride and a long country entrance we arrive at the Soto Studios.



  In addition to creating amazing Ceramics, both sculptural and functional;

Ishmael creates great metal sculptures….

…and sculptures are Everywhere!

Those that know me know of my passion for all Arts and also know I really love sculpture.

 {…as an aside: in addition to pursuing my Art Metal, Sculpture and Blacksmithing degrees…{yes all three} I earned 1st Place Gold Medal in all of Texas for Metal Sculpture last year with my project the Lunar Arc of enDrakkar… fwiw: here is the narrative ~> http://www.sacredArtsDialog.wordpress.com  }

Back to the Art Farm….


 My Jewelry Instructor and friend Martha Soto, Ishmael’s daughter, gave us the tour of the Studio, the kiln, and the homes there.


What a wonderful place.

 If there is a heaven,

I would hope in most ways it resembles this place.

 A Place where Friends and Family can gather, make Art, enjoy each others company, good food  and enjoy some peace and quiet in the clean country air…


the Maestro Soto’s Sculptures…










I Love this Studio and Space!!!  ….


{interesting little side note and story: this sculpture was in need of repair before it could be sold and transported…

We have everything But brazing rod and flux…

“Hmmmm… I just may have this,…. May….”  I am fresh from class and had my Lincoln duffle-bag with all my Welding and Jewelry supplies…

YES!  score!    Saved!


…back to the Art…


everywhere one looks, there are ceramics…

IMG_20141213_160041 IMG_20141213_160047IMG_20141213_160105 IMG_20141213_160121

… Ishmael is a great designer.  He recently sat down with me and we went through one of his many large sketch books.  He draws inspiration from everywhere, a certain line or form can inspire a work of Art.

Two examples are:

~He pointed to a photo of an aerial view of cars in hiway traffic….and below it was the ceramic sculpture it inspired.

~He pointed out some photos of the jagged cliff sides on the Rio Grande from Big Bend state park,…. and what I thought was another photo of the same area was actually, after he pointed it out, a photo of the ceramic sculpture it inspired!…It looked just like a natural landscape.

It was good to sit down with him and see some of his sketches, at every turn of the page was something amazing and some new piece of artistic insight and advice.  Ishmael is so genuine, so kind, patient and so concerned with his student’s success and learning.  He has that indefinable charm and genuineness that just moves you.  Yes, I count these among my best Artistic experiences. but even more so; on just a personal level.  Ishmael has great humanity…


In his sketch-book, it was also evident…IMG_20141213_165203 IMG_20141213_165228

that he studies Mayan Artistry…



these Adamite-protean figurines are everywhere….. and I find them intriguing….

IMG_20141213_172848 IMG_20141213_172858 IMG_20141213_172911

IMG_20141213_160036 IMG_20141213_172932 IMG_20141213_172939

for the event the studio was opened to a few Artists who I had to hear from…

IMG_20141213_144533 IMG_20141213_144538

then there is the Hand~built Kiln where the magic happens…

IMG_20141213_144545 IMG_20141213_144603IMG_20141213_144551 IMG_20141213_144558  IMG_20141213_144609 IMG_20141213_144615

Martha explains the operation of the hand~built Soto kiln…

{I am honored have this experience…}


& Part II of the Kiln…

I find a charm in all these lil odds & ends…and relics..

IMG_20141213_144625 IMG_20141213_144633 IMG_20141213_144637 IMG_20141213_144643 IMG_20141213_144646 IMG_20141213_144725 IMG_20141213_144735 IMG_20141213_144743 IMG_20141213_144800 IMG_20141213_144830 IMG_20141213_144859 IMG_20141213_144955 IMG_20141213_145818 IMG_20141213_145830 IMG_20141213_145901

I would have been absolutely happy with this experience alone, it already exceeded any expectations I may have had, and I would have counted it as a day well spent and been content;…

but my ride was leaving too soon for me, I wanted to see more and hear more from the Artists..

Martha knows my passion for all Arts and other Artists and was gracious enough to offer to get me a ride back a bit later somehow and invited me to stay,… so of course, I said yes.

{I had no idea I would be also invited to stay for dinner}


The Country air is so clean.  We sat beside a huge bon-fire under the clear country sky watching the peak Gemenid Meteor shower for a while…

then we all were treated to a big delicious dinner of home~made Ham and all the trimmings.

To be invited to dinner and welcomed into the Soto Family home and enjoy a meal with a room full of Artists was an amazing experience.  How it is that I am here I can only attribute to their graciousness.

As an Artist, these are some of the moments I live for, and moments I will always remember and count among my fondest.

To live an Artful Life and share it with Friends and Family is what it is all about.  There were three generations of Artists at the table.  Wealth is counted by life’s joys, Ishmael is a wealthy man indeed.

I hope to have some measure of such good fortune of my own some day.  All I can do is to keep living passionately and pursuing my Arts.  Though I don’t put much faith in the world in general, I do put great faith in Friends, myself and my passion for Art.  These moments are my recompense.

I must be doing something right. Thank you universe.

We were eating off plates that are older than I am.


After Dinner I always wash dishes, but this was special, I got to see all the different designs Ishmael made over the years and handle each heavy plate.

What a great meal and what a great experience with great Artists.  I am forever in awe….

That was December 13th (12/13/14)


This is late February…

Those who know me know how important my Academic pursuits are.  They are right up there with my Artistic Pursuits.  This semester I almost didn’t have an academic schedule at all.  Somehow in the 11th hour I was able to clear some things up but all the classes were full, I took the whole day waiting and hoping there would be an opening in at least one class.  Again, somehow at the last hour, even after the official deadline I was able to find an opening in both classes I wanted.  Metal Sculpture with Tom Gingras, … and Ceramics with Ishmael.

{Again,… thank you Universe!}

I am happy to say I am in Ishmael’s Ceramics Class…

IMG_20150126_102546 IMG_20150126_102424

I am not sure how many of the students realize it, but as far as I am concerned Ishmael is a Living Art Legend and a Living Treasure, aside from being a great guy and an inspiration.

I have said it before, Ishmael is so genuine and caring and concerned for his students learning and success.  I value every moment of every class.  He always takes time to show students something new and to take interest in their work, even my work, such as it is…

I wanted to organize a lil birthday party for him all day during Class.  I mentioned it to his daughter Martha and, well she made it happen and invited family and friends.  There was so much food!

I brought a Birthday cake, some Organic Coffee as usual, and some Organic Fruit.

Martha brought one of her awesome Home-made,  deep-dish Cinnamon Apple Pies!   This could be a whole other business.  These pies are amazing!


Happy Birthday dear Ishmael ….

IMG_20150225_110811 IMG_20150225_112100

You are looking at Three generations of Sotos…

these are the moments I hope and live for…

IMG_20150225_112139 IMG_20150225_115841 IMG_20150225_115845 IMG_20150225_120759 IMG_20150225_161613 IMG_20150225_161806

IMG_20150225_111111 IMG_20150225_111115 IMG_20150225_111126 IMG_20150225_111137 IMG_20150225_111145 IMG_20150225_111159

The title says it all…’Another Art Book’  …

here is just a glimpse of the Art book library~

IMG_20141213_151227 IMG_20141213_151240 IMG_20141213_151300 IMG_20141213_151305 IMG_20141213_151314 IMG_20141213_151320 IMG_20141213_151324 IMG_20141213_151334

IMG_20150225_111213 IMG_20150225_111218 IMG_20150225_112143 IMG_20150225_115729

Three generations…..  Ishmael, Ishmael’s son and grandson.

Art,  Family, Friends & food…these are some of the moments I live for.


I brought this birthday cake, a bunch of organic fruit, coffee cake and organic Nicaraguan coffee with Texas Pecan ….

And I gave him the first piece of Ceramic I made in his class.